Pricing and refunds

We believe in the power of freedom, and we will never re-bill paid users of the Website. All payments need to be initiated by the user and, if required by the bank, confirmed with 3-D Secure in line with PSD2 regulations.

"Credits" also called "Tokens" are required to reply or initiate conversations or to send digital presents or requests and are valid for 3 months after purchasing them.

Bundle price Credits Price per message
£ 53£ 1,67
£ 1510£ 1,50
£ 3525£ 1,40
£ 6550£ 1,30
£ 120100£ 1,20
£ 200200£ 1,00

* Prices are including VAT
* All payments are one-off and non-recurring

If you want to learn more about the Websites refund policy, please check out the Terms of Service (9 of the t&c's)